System Support

We at Tiger Solar understand that warranty issues can arise and rather Dead direct with the import… we would like to assist.

The process really is as simple as this:

  • Step 1 First of all ensure that you have followed the shutdown process on your system…wait for a 2 minute period then restart. Should the fault message appear (or nothing at all on the inverter screen) we need to get things going again. Once turned back on take an image or write down what that error message says.
  • Step 2 email a copy of your contact along with the image of what the error message says on the inverter.
  • Step 3 Include the make of inverter (Solax, Delta, Sofer, Fronius or JFY)
  • Step 4 Supply the inverter serial number and the inverter model number. An easy way to get this data is to again, capture an image of the plate on the side of the inverter.

Note: We do not respond to any issues with Wi-Fi connections as the devices used for this function (modem) belong to the client.

Email this information to [email protected]

Can’t find a copy of your contact?
It does take a little longer but supply your contact details along with error message (inverter) image, inverter serial number and the make and model of inverter.

Once the information is received you will receive a call from our fully qualified electrician and he will be your contact point throughout the claim.

Our commitment is to resolve any issues to our customer satisfaction…by providing as much information as possible this will help to speed up the process.